Tips to Remove Clutter from your Life

Valerie McEvoy
Valerie McEvoy
Published on January 31, 2018

Want to Remove Clutter from your Life?

A&W Self Storage let's you remove clutter from your life

Need to remove clutter from your life? Want to get a great deal on storage to do it?

Today we want to feature a local business that has done so much for our clients when they need to store furniture and items during a home sale or purchase. A&W Self-Storage has some of the most unique and bargain priced storage options in Oklahoma!

 Remove Clutter from your life and save money!

Here’s a nice article from their site on something we all have to face from time to time. The need to remove clutter in your life and get rid of things that are piling up and causing you stress and discomfort!

Perhaps you don’t want to part immediately with certain things, but you don’t want to clutter up your home or garage with boxes of things that you are not really sure you want to keep? You feel uneasy with the disorganization of your living spaces and want to remove clutter from your life. That’s where a good storage facility can help.

Climate-Controlled storage is especially nice if you are wanting to protect pictures, antiques, candles, mementos from excessive heat like we often have in Oklahoma. Summer months in Oklahoma can be brutal on people, pets, and your possessions. You can protect yourself and your family and pets, but what about your valued heirlooms and collectibles?

Climate-Controlled self-storage is a wonderful thing if you’ve never experienced it. You’ll appreciate the value and the benefit of having this kind of storage unit. It will bring you much peace of mind to know that your precious pictures, fragile remembrances, and belongings are protected from seasonal temperatures and weather stress and damage.

Did you know that A&W Self Storage has frequent specials, promotions, and discounts? No matter what kind of storage unit you are looking for, A&W Storage can accommodate your storage needs. We provide the solution to creating a space for safe storage so you can remove clutter from your life! Warehouse storage, climate controlled storage, regular storage make choosing A&W Storage an easy choice.


Classic Car Self Storage at A&W - Remove Clutter from your life

Classic Car Storage at A&W Self Storage in Oklahoma City.


Our expert staff is well versed in the options you will need to have the best solution for your self-storage needs. We would be happy to sit down over some hot A&W coffee and discuss the best self-storage options for your precious belongings! We can even help you store tools and classic cars! You’ll not need to leave a treasured vehicle parked in the street or driveway and your family will appreciate the extra living room areas you can free up by using quality self-storage.


What are some of the ‘clutter reduction’ tips?

Lose Any Hazardous Clutter:, along with its free app iRecycle, is one of the best sources for finding acceptance centers that handle household hazardous waste. Just enter the type of junk you need to unload, like compact fluorescent light bulbs (did you know they have traces of mercury?), along with your ZIP code, and it provides the nearest recycling center to you.

Lose the Old Technology Clutter:

If you want to recycle appliances, cameras, computers, and TVs, Best Buy Recycle will take them, no matter where you bought them originally. The retailer charges $100 to pick up old appliances like TVs if you’re not also having a new Best Buy item delivered to you. It says it destroys CPUs to protect your data privacy. And the recycled bits and pieces become raw materials manufacturers can use to make everything from appliances to park benches.

Get Rid of the Junk Mail that Everyone Hates:

The best way to get rid of junk mail from accumulating at home is to stop it from being delivered in the first place. By creating a free account at, you can banish catalogs and assorted marketing items from your home forever. Plus, their MailStop Browser extension for Firefox lets you opt out of mailing lists in real time when you shop online.

Lastly, if you’re willing to pay $35 a year, CatalogChoice will also prevent data brokers from selling your info to other direct marketers.

A&W loves to make a safe place for you to store your ‘stuff’, but it’s up to you to create systems and a mindset to not let the clutter come back and take over your home and life. Contact us for the best option to store your current ‘stuff’ and then use these tips to keep it from coming back and taking over your life!

Check out the tips in the article below and remember to contact us at A&W Self Storage if you need a unit to store your ‘stuff’! We also have warehouse storage and great climate-controlled storage available.






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Tips to Remove Clutter from your Life
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