Oklahoma homeowners should be aware of how much they can save on energy bills

Homeowners, if you are renovating your home that means paying attention to every little detail, from the floors to the garage doors. Garage doors are easy to overlook when you’re doing a home energy efficiency overhaul… you don’t spend as much time in the garage as you do at home, so having it a few degrees colder in there may not seem like a huge priority to fix. But comfort isn’t the only benefit from choosing garage door insulation. Here’s why:

The Vestibule Effect

You know when you step into a grocery store or a restaurant in winter, and there’s a “buffer zone” between the main doors and the doors that let you inside the store? You’re momentarily a bit chilly (though warmer than outdoors), and then when you pass through the second set of doors, you’re actually warm again. This is the “vestibule effect” and it prevents those businesses from losing conditioned air to the outdoors every time a customer walks in or out.

When you install insulated garage doors, you’re essentially turning your garage into a vestibule, especially if you already tend to enter and exit through the garage (70 percent of homeowners use the garage door as their primary entrance). This saves you valuable dollars on keeping your home heated in the winter, or cooled during the summer, and it keeps your home more comfortable even if you’re entertaining guests and have a lot of people coming in and out. Homeowners should take ever advantage of energy saving as it keeps more money in your pocket.

garage door insulation for Oklahoma homeowners

Extra Sturdiness

Polyurethane is super dense, and it adds a lot of bulk and strength to your garage door, even if the primary objective is insulation. If you’re part of a family with kids, you know the toll that the door takes when kids decide to throw a basketball against it, or accidentally bang into it when putting their bikes away. A door panel that’s reinforced with polyurethane (or polystyrene) is extra dense and rigid, so it withstands that wear and tear more gracefully.

Quiet Operation

We’ve all been there: you have the day off work, but your wife works. She leaves through the garage an hour before you need to be awake, but the rattle of the garage door wakes you up, and you lose out on that valuable hour of sleep.

Believe it or not, garage door insulation is the solution to this problem, too. The heavier the door, the less it rattles. Garage doors with insulated cores are rigid, which means no hollow parts to create reverberating sound when you lower or raise the garage door. That means quiet operation you can count on.

Significantly Warmer Temperatures

When the temperature outside is 20 degrees Fahrenheit, your non-insulated garage door is probably keeping the garage right around 30 degrees, which is still blisteringly cold. An insulated door adds 22 degrees on average to winter temps, while the non-insulated door only adds 10. That’s the difference between freezing and above freezing, which can even make a difference when it comes to starting your car in the cold.

garage door insulation for Oklahoma home owners

Still need convincing? The average return-on-investment for a homeowner’s garage door replacement is a striking 75.4 percent. The numbers don’t lie, so consider upgrading your home with garage door insulation today. It can be the essential tool you need to make all of the energy in your home more efficient.